Argeton Terracotta cladding

Terracotta cladding

The visual impact of a timeless facade, coupled with the distinctive character of natural terracotta in a ventilating rainscreen, the ARGETON rainscreen system combines the proven durability and natural beauty of clay, with a simple support structure. This enables the designer freedom of expression, and the builder a simple and quick installation process.

Whether in a new building or refurbishment, the CWCT tested ARGETON facade system provides tangible environmental benefits, holding the Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO14025 and EN15804 being the European standardised equivalent of a BREEAM accreditation.

Key features

ARGETON tiles are extruded to produce plain or grooved twin-skin tiles and baguettes in a range of natural finishes, which can also be glazed. The colour of the terracotta tiles are determined by the raw material (clay), which do not contain synthetic dyes. As a result of this, the tiles will retain their colour and will not fade over time when benchmarked against many other external faced materials.

ARGETON tiles are 30-40mm thick and perforated throughout their length to create a system weight of 50kg/m2. The profile of the tile is intrinsic to its ability to perform as a rainscreen. Height modules are available from 150 – 500mm and in module lengths up to 1500mm dependent upon tile module height.

The tiles are restrained by anodised clips, which are either riveted or clamped to aluminium support rails, supported either vertically or horizontally to suit your construction. A powder-coated vertical drainage profile is positioned between the tiles and rail to manage water ingress and provide impact resistance to the system. The full system is designed without gaskets, pressure clips or seals that can either deteriorate within the design life of the system, or contribute to ‘tile creep’ as a result of thermal movement.

cladding brochure

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