Introducing Corium

A facing brick finish remains ever popular within British architecture, however increasing development in modern building techniques are now sitting alongside more traditional construction methods. Brick cladding systems are offering architects and contractors increased advantages in design options, speed of construction and cost-savings.

The CORIUM brick cladding system, manufactured by Wienerberger and exclusively supplied by Taylor Maxwell, combines the natural beauty of a clay brick finish, with a mechanically fixed metal rail installation. The system utilises extruded clay brick tiles specifically manufactured to fix mechanically to a HPS 200 Ultra plastisol coated steel profiles. These profiled interlocking lengths are mounted in horizontal rows onto a vertical aluminium support system, into which the brick tiles are clipped in place. Prior to the mortar being applied the brick tiles can be adjusted - allowing for a clean and precise brickwork finish.

With the ongoing shortages of skilled trades such as bricklayers - clients, specifiers and contractors are always looking for alternative solutions to traditional building methods. The versatility of brick slips, and indeed the CORIUM system, means they are suitable for use on a wide range of substructures including concrete, timber frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames, masonry and structurally insulated panels, making it ideal for modern methods of construction.

Mechanical fix

Where a facing brick finish is a requirement for a new build to integrate with existing buildings in the surrounding area, CORIUM offers an extensive standard range of colours and textures that can complement existing brickwork, allowing a seamless transition between the old and new façades. If you cannot find the finish you are trying to achieve, send us a concept visual so that we can provide samples of bespoke blends to meet your design intent.

As an innovative and versatile solution, CORIUM brick cladding is ideal for use in conjunction with other cladding systems such as terracotta, metal, glass and stone. The system can be installed vertically, horizontally, on an angle or curve and can also be used overhead to create soffits and ceilings. Decorative patterns including mosaics are easily achieved and allow the designer the freedom to create a completely bespoke façade for their project.

Installation video

The benefits of Corium



Tested at Wintech Engineering for hard and soft body impact, water penetration and wind resistance, the Corium system conforms to CWCT test methods for Systemised Building Envelopes & CWCT TN76.


The standard CORIUM tile has visible face dimensions of 215 x 65mm to match standard UK brick sizes. Alternative tile heights of 50mm, 57mm, 140mm and 215mm are available with variable tile lengths (depending on tile height) up to 327mm. The maximum possible tile size is 215mm (H) x 327mm (L).


Building with CORIUM can be up to 3x faster than with traditional brickwork, and is quick and easy to install. The system is also ideal for tight access sites where storage and access are a concern.


CORIUM enables bespoke bonding patterns without compromising performance or build time. Mounted at an angle or as a soffit, CORIUM can achieve a dynamic finish. Mosaic and decorative patterns can add an extra dimension to any project. For further detail on installing Corium at an angle, please get in touch and we will put you in contact with the relevant specialist.

cladding brochure

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