Mineral Fibre Decorative Cladding

Mineral Fibre Decorative Cladding

Mineral fibre decorative cladding is an exterior cladding option manufactured from sustainable basalt volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder that offer the longevity of stone and the added flexibility of being as easy to work with as wood, in one product. These unique properties result in highly durable, workable and low maintenance cladding boards.

In addition to the vast range of standard colours available (almost all RAL and NCS colours), these mineral fibre boards are also available in a range of special finishes such as Woods, Stone, Metallic and Chameleon - where the colour of the boards change depending on the viewers vantage point and the amount of natural light available.

These flexible and robust boards can be applied easily and can even be shaped, curved and perforated.


Mineral fibre decorative cladding boards are lightweight and can easily be cut to size on-site using traditional cutting tools and their edges do not require sealing. They are quick to install with screws, nails, or in some cases adhesives, requiring no special tooling, meaning construction and installation costs are kept to a minimum.

When compared to a standard ventilated brick wall construction, mineral wool boards use considerably less space, which results in a larger indoor area offering the same, or in many cases better, thermal performance.

Key features

Fully sustainable

Mineral fibre cladding boards are manufactured from basalt rock, a raw material that is virtually unlimited in its availability and is recyclable in the production cycle.

Easy to work with

Mineral fibre cladding boards are as durable as stone and as easy to work with as wood. They are very light and can be machined quickly and easily using standard tools, saving installation time. This allows your building to be constructed more economically, without compromising on design, shape or functionality.

Unrivalled stability

Like few other building materials, basalt cladding panels retain their dimensions and properties under all conditions, and are not affected by temperature, humidity or rain.

Easy to maintain

Mineral fibre cladding boards are easy to maintain, the surface permanently resists sun, wind and rain and the freshness and radiance of the colours are apparent for decades.

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