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It is important to James Nolan Facades and our customers  to have a stringent support network behind our offering.

Taylor Maxwell (TM) offer a unique tailored service to us because we recognise the benefits of a more formal partnering agreement and are willing to commit to a higher level of mutual engagement.

In return TM offer a dedicated supply chain focus both nationally and regionally, ensuring that we receive the highest levels of service and engagement in all areas.

A commitment to provide the most suitable and cost-effective products for each and every project along with enhanced commercial benefits, ensures that we have an distinct advantage over the competition and are able to operate effectively and efficiently within our highly competitive trading environment.

Regular review meetings are held with TM on a national level to ensure that our agreements are fully utilised. A comprehensive and highly detailed reporting pack is provided monthly, enabling in depth analysis and highlighting areas requiring additional focus.

In addition, we will have good access to their product solutions including those products manufactured exclusively for Taylor Maxwell, ensuring products are supplied on time and when required, avoiding any potential disruption to all important site programmes.

Please feel free to click the images below to download the Cladding brochures

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